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Destiny is addicted to GamesforLanguage...

Destiny is "addicted" to GamesforLanguage courses. A recent review by Destinyslanguagelearningcorner indicated that Destiny Lillian Funnington (the fictional character of the website) likes our game- and story-based language programs for German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Why don't you also give them a try?

Destiny also liked that the four courses are entirely FREE - no up-sell or time limits - and no Google ads either! You just need to register. (Registering is only necessary so you can pick up the course exactly where you left it, when you logged out!)

And now you can also hear the dialogues of our courses as Podcasts. They are a great way to pick up the melody of the language. And even if you don't understand every word when listening first, you will when you hear the dialogues again in the courses!

And - if you just want to test your knowledge - you can now play the "Quick Games" without even registering! And you can play and learn with them on most mobile devices and tablets with Internet access - no apps needed!


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German 1 for Beginners removed for further development

The first 12 Scenes of “German 1 for Beginners” have been available to all registered users for FREE, but as of March 16, 2015, the course has been removed for further development. 

German1 Course: GamesforLanguageGerman 1, "Michael in Deutschland,” continues to be available to all registered users for FREE. Many learners with some background in German have found this 36-lesson course a fun way to practice and supplement a more traditional course. Each lesson adds between 16-18 new words and idiomatic phrases.


German 2 course - GamesforlanguageGerman 2, "Blüten in Berlin?" is now online and available for all registered users for FREE. This course has 72 lessons, adds 6-8 new words or idiomatic phrases with each lesson, and picks up the story of German 1. Michael Mueller returns to Berlin and helps solve a counterfeit money mystery. The German 1 course is not a prerequisite, but "Blüten in Berlin?", with its inclusion of more idiomatic phrases and conversational "filler words," is designed for learners who are comfortable with German basics.

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We are Happy in Fribourg, Switzerland...

During our recent stay in Fribourg, Switzerland we experienced the city's joy about “We are Happy in Fribourg” and even have a cameo appearance in the video. Like many US towns and cities, Pharrell Williams' song “Happy” inspired Swiss film makers as well. You can find the link to the Newspaper article (How good is your French?) and the YouTube video at the end of our recent blog Bilingual in Fribourg, Switzerland.

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Quick Games with (no need to register!)

FREE Quick Games can be accessed without the need to register from laptops, PCs, Apple iOS6/7 and most Android mobile devices. Currently available are: Quick "Trivia Quizzes", "Modal Shoots", “Days of the Week”, “Directions”, “Numbers 1-20” in German, French, Italian, or Spanish and new topics are added weekly.

Users who enjoy learning and practicing a new language with easy and quick games, can also register and play the 36-lesson courses for FREE.

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Free Language Courses with

The 36-lesson French, German, Italian, and Spanish courses are now FREE for all registered users. Learning with GamesforLanguage is easy, fun, and effective: You follow a young traveller on his trip while reading, listening, writing and speaking the words, phrases and sentences of his travel story.

And all can read Our Blog, find other Online Sites, play Quick Games, and search the Dictionary for all words and phrases that are used in our courses.

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Price=$0 for GamesforLanguage courses

In January 2014 we started our Learn & Play/Skip & Pay Program. While quite a number of users took us up on our offer of free learning with regular practice, we have decided to make our language courses FREE for all users without any limitations and restrictions.

In the coming weeks we will be launching a new website, which won't have a "BUY NOW" button. It will include our now FREE 36-lesson courses, Quick Games, links to other gamified language sites, and more.


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Ten (10) 1-year subscriptions Giveaway is participating in a one-week Giveaway by The Christian Home School Hub.

We are donating ten (10) 1-year subscriptions to one of our four language courses: German 1, French 1, Italian 1, and Spanish 1. The Giveaway ends on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at 7:00 PM EST.

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European Day of Languages Competition Results

Here are the results of our language competition in support of the Council of Europe's European Day of Languages on September 26.

All players who scored more than 500 points by September 30 received a FREE 1-month subscription to 10/31/2013 and the top scorers in each language were:





Perfect Scores





1st Place: All with Perfect scores: FREE 1-year subscription

Arno, Carol, Evangeline, Luz, Serenity

Giovanni, Serenity

Carol, Serenity

Serenity, Sam, Carol

2nd Place: FREE 6-month subscription

Emily 634

Brad 687

Adina 536

David 651

3rd Place: FREE 2-month subscription

Anattolia 619

Vanessa 668

Claude 505

Selin 634

Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups!

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