Posted on by Peter Editor

GamesforLanguage selected as MassChallenge Finalist

On May 24, 2011 we received this exciting e-mail:

Congratulations GamesForLanguage,LLC,

Your company has been selected as a 2011 MassChallenge finalist! You are hereby invited to participate in the 2011 accelerator program.


MassChallenge is a competition of start-up companies and we are excited to have been selected a finalist.

Read here about the GameForLanguage posting on the MassChallenge website. 

Posted on by Ulrike Rettig

Spanish demo is coming soon

We are currently putting the final touches on the first few scenes of Spanish 1. Free demos will be available in a couple of days.

Posted on by Peter Editor

Watertown couple creates language tutorial video game

On March 11, 2011 an article in our local paper, the Watertown TAB, describes our new venture [It's actually a program consisting of computer games embedded in a story, not a video game.]

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