Here you'll find the MP3 audios of the six chapters of each of our 36 ­Scenes (72 Scenes for German 2) Travel Stories, as well as our podcasts about Language Learning, Culture, and Travel.

"The Story" in each language depicts the experiences of a young man as he begins his trip in an airplane on his way from the US to a European city.
He then travels through France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, visiting family, friends and various sites.

The words, phrases, and sentences you'll hear, see, and practice are the 
real and everyday language you would experience yourself as a traveler.

Listen to the "The Story" BEFORE or AFTER you play one of the scenes. Listening to podcasts helps you internalize the rhythm and sounds of the language and memorize phrases and expressions. Listening to scenes of a level that you have not yet completed will help you guess the meaning of unknown words from context.

Just click on your language below and choose your podcast.


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