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Gamesforlanguage founders interviewed by Parrot Time

Parrot Time screenshot of Ulrike & Peter Rettig InterviewIn July/August last year we were interviewed by Erik Zidowecki of Parrot Time. We answer questions about how got started, what we tried to achieve and what our future plans are.

Here is an excerpt:

How did your website, GamesforLanguage, get started? Is there a particular message or goal with it?

The idea of GamesforLanguage came out of our own experience with Italian, a few years ago. We were planning to spend six months in Rome. To prepare for our stay, we learned Italian from scratch with Pimsleur's audio courses (3 Levels, 90 lessons), by squeezing 30 minutes of audio learning into each day. When we arrived in Rome, we found we could use basic everyday language and had a pretty good pronunciation.

However, we had great difficulty with reading and writing Italian. That was a real handicap. We could not even write simple sentences as our French interfered with the Italian spelling. It seemed to us that all four language skills should be practiced.

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