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Countries of EuropeIn 2018 we stayed in Budapest for a few days. Different from previous travels, we did not learn any Hungarian words and phrases beforehand. We therefore felt quite handicapped not even knowing the basic greetings and "essentials", such as yes, no, thank you, please, etc.
In Duolingo and many other apps and online programs, it often takes a while before you can get to or even find such language "essentials".
So the idea of Lingo-Late was born as a site for people like us: language lovers and travelers later in life, who want to learn and practice at least the language "essentials" before any foreign trip.  
We started in early 2019 and plan to add - over the coming weeks and months - 50 to 100 essential words and phrases for most of the European languages.
Initially, each lesson will have 10-15 words and phrases, with translation, audio, and a voice-recording feature. Later on, we may add some simple dialogues and games. We've started with French, German, Italian, Icelandic, Spanish, and Portuguese, and will then add Dutch, Swedish, Danish, etc.
Lingo-Late does not replace Gamesforlanguage, which we'll continue to improve and add on to.