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Learning a Language as a Hobby on Lingohut

Ulrike recently published this post on Lingohut:

    • Your goals are your own, and they can change as you progress.
    • You learn to set your own pace and milestones. Preparing (or cramming) for exams is no longer an issue. You can push yourself to accelerate your learning, but you won’t get a failing grade if you don’t reach your ambitious goal.
    • You can start speaking the language when you’re ready. You won’t get called on by a teacher and have to stammer your way through some kind of foreign-language answer.
    • Homework gets a new meaning. You can combine vocabulary and pronunciation practice with listening to songs, watching a film, or reading a book in your new language. There are many fun resources that help to keep you motivated.
    • Mistakes? Who cares! No one starts speaking a language correctly from day one on. You may even learn to welcome friendly feedback. In any case, when you get corrections, they won’t affect a grade or your self-esteem. 
      Read on to learn how to make language learning your hobby...