Posted on by Peter Rettig

German 1 for Beginners removed for further development

The first 12 Scenes of “German 1 for Beginners” have been available to all registered users for FREE, but as of March 16, 2015, the course has been removed for further development. 

German1 Course: GamesforLanguageGerman 1, "Michael in Deutschland,” continues to be available to all registered users for FREE. Many learners with some background in German have found this 36-lesson course a fun way to practice and supplement a more traditional course. Each lesson adds between 16-18 new words and idiomatic phrases.


German 2 course - GamesforlanguageGerman 2, "Blüten in Berlin?" is now online and available for all registered users for FREE. This course has 72 lessons, adds 6-8 new words or idiomatic phrases with each lesson, and picks up the story of German 1. Michael Mueller returns to Berlin and helps solve a counterfeit money mystery. The German 1 course is not a prerequisite, but "Blüten in Berlin?", with its inclusion of more idiomatic phrases and conversational "filler words," is designed for learners who are comfortable with German basics.