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Free Courses

The games and travel story of our full, 36 to 72-lesson language courses make for fun and effective learning.

Quick Games

Just click on the language you want to play and sharpen your language skills!

French Quick Games

Play "family and Relatives", "Months and Seasons", expressions such as "Tu viens avec moi?", "Oui, bien sure!", "Étes-vous ici pour affaires?", etc.

German Quick Games

Play German Quick Games, practice "ich, mir, mich", "Bitte zahlen", "Numbers 1-20", and many more.

Italian Quick Games

Play "Family and Relatives", practice expressions such as "Ci vediamo", "Mi dispiace", "la cucina and la cugina", "Days of the week", etc.

Spanish Quick Games

Practice "Family and Relatives", "Para and Por", "Me gustaría pagar", "Numbers 1-20", "Days of the Week", "Asking for directions", etc.

Inglés Quick Games

Practica Inglés "Los Números 1-12", "¿Dónde aprendió inglés?", "Verbos communes", "Frases utiles", "Adverbios Fáciles"