English Language Game: Pick "at" "in" or "to"

Quick English Language Game: Pick "at" "in" or "to"
A fun interactive online English Language Game (ESL) to learn and practice basic situations for using the Prepositions "at", "in", and "to".
The best way to learn a Grammar item is to do it little by little, ALOUD, with short sentences that you can remember.
He gets off at Union Square. (place: at subway or bus station)
My last class is at five. (point of time)
Are you in New York? (place: a city)
I think, in about 45 minutes. (amount of time in the future)
I normally add 15 to 20%. (range of amount)
It's not open to visitors. (idiom: open to "persons")
Once you've practiced these sentences, try using sentences like it in your conversations. 

English Language Game: Other Meanings

Quick English Language Game: Other Meanings 
Play this interactive online English Language Game (ESL) to match two different meanings to 5 common verbs:

  • to fly
  • to give
  • to pick up
  • to look
  • to swipe

Guess and learn idiomatic expressions. Grow your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation!

English Language Game: Short Answers

Quick English Language Game: Short Answers
Play this quick interactive online English Language Game (ESL) to practice short answers in context.
In English we usually don't use only Yes or No as an answer to a question.
Saying just Yes or No is often not considered polite.
Instead, we use "short answers," such as "Yes, I do," "No, you can't," "Yes, he is," "No, it doesn't."
You'll see that many short answers in English follow a pattern that you can easily understand.
At the same time, practice your listening comprehension and pronunciation by repeating them after the speaker.

English Language Game: Pick the Category

Quick English Language Game: Pick the Category
Play this online interactive English Language Game (ESL) to put 8 common items into a category - and learn them.
Often we need several different clues to remember a word.
Sometimes remembering the category or affinity to a particular memory crutch helps.
(I still recall that during our 5-month stay in Rome I could not remember the Italian word for "afternoon" (pomeriggio)- and it was not for the lack of trying. What finally it stick, was the association with a French wine, "Pomerol"), a beverage I would very much enjoy in (late) afternoon!)
You will obviously have to find your own association for words that don't "stick". But here are some categories.
For example, into what category would you put the items: table, three, orange, Wednesday, nephew, hello, milk, green?
Guess and learn!
Grow your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation!

And please let us know your own experience or suggestions for remembering vocabulary. Send us a note to contact@gamesforlanguage.com

English Language Game: Close Meanings

Quick English Language GameClose Meanings (Synonyms)
Play this interactive online English Language Game (ESL) to match 10 common word pairs that are close in meaning.
Guess and learn. Grow your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation! 
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