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French Language Game: Être - Future Tense

Quick French Language Game: Être (to be) - Future Tense
Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing Time: 2 1/2 minutes

Play this fun online game sequence of Word Shoot and Flash Cards to learn and practice the future tense of the verb "être." 
With the future tense of the verb "être" (to be) you have an extra conversational tool.
You'll hear different voices with somewhat different accents.

Here you can play the present tense: Etre - Present Tense.

Être - Future Tense

• je serai - I'll be
• tu seras - you'll be (familiar)
• il/elle sera - he/she will be
• nous serons - we'll be
• vous serez - you'll be (formal & plural)
• ils/elles seront - they'll be (m/f)

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Posted 15:19PM on July 31 2023 by Ulrike Rettig
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