French Language Game: Prendre - Present Tense

Quick French Language Game: Prendre (to take, have [eat or drink]) - Present Tense
Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 4 minutes

A fun online game to learn and practice the present tense of the verb "prendre"  (to take).

You'll also put together basic sentences with the Word Invader game using different forms of the verb.

The verb "prendre" (to take) is useful for everyday conversations.
Note that "prendre" can also mean "to have", in the sense of "to have" - meaning to eat or drink.
At a restaurant, a friend might ask you: "Qu'est-ce que tu prends ?" - What are you having?

Prendre - Present Tense

• je prends - I take
• tu prends - you take (familiar)
• il/elle/on prend - he/she/one takes
• nous prenons - we take
• vous prenez - you take (formal & plural)
• ils/elles prennent - they take (m/f)


• le bus - the bus
• le train - the train
• la valise - the suitcase
• le livre - the book
Nous prenons un café. - We're having a cup of coffee.
Tu prends le bus? - Are you taking the bus? (familiar)
Il prend sa valise. - He takes his suitcase.
Ils prennent un taxi. - They take a taxi.
Vous prenez le train? - Are you taking the train? (formal)
Je prends le livre. - I'm taking the book.

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