German Language Game: Ich heiße - My name is

German Language Game: "Ich heiße" - My name is (I'm called)

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3 minutes

Play a fun German language game to practice the conversational verb "heißen". You commonly use it to tell someone your name, or ask about someone's name.

Note that the German letter -ß- sounds like a double "s". The letter is called "esszett" or "scharfes ess", and is used after a long vowel, or a combination of two vowels, eg: "ei".

As you play, say the German OUT LOUD.

Heißen - Present Tense

• ich heiße - my name is
• du heißt - your name is (familiar)
• er/sie heißt - his/her name is
• Sie heißen - your name is (formal)
• wir heißen - our name is
• ihr heißt - your name is (plural)
• sie heißen - their name is


• der Bruder - the brother
• mein Bruder - my brother
• die Schwester - the sister
• meine Schwester - my sister
• die Freundin - the friend (f), girlfriend
• deine Freundin - your girlfriend (familiar)
• Wie heißt du? - What's your name? (familiar)
• Wie heißen Sie? - What is your name? (formal)

Note: In informal situations, you could also say: "Ich bin ..." (I am ...).
The phrase "Mein Name ist ..."(My name is ...) is generally used in written language.

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