French Language Game: Maintenant, Bientôt

Quick French language Game: Maintenant, Bientôt (now, soon ...)
Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3 minutes

Add 4 common adverbs (now, soon, today, tomorrow) to your vocabulary and practice your pronunciation with this quick language game.
You'll first play Memory, Car Race, and Word Shoot - to practice the four common adverbs.
Then you'll build and practice short sentences with them, in the Word Invader game.
Repeat the words aloud and try to imitate the sound and rhythm of the speaker.

4 Common Adverbs

• maintenant - now
• bientôt - soon
• aujourd'hui - today
• demain - tomorrow

Vocabulary and Sentences

jamais - never
Maintenant ou jamais. - Now or never.
prêt - ready
Le dîner sera bientôt prêt. - The dinner will be ready soon.
il fait beau - it's nice weather
Il fait beau aujourd'hui. - It's nice weather today.
je vais - I go, I'm going
Demain je vais à Paris. - Tomorrow I'm going to Paris.

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