English Language Game: Pick "at" "in" or "to"

Quick English Language Game: Pick "at" "in" or "to"
A fun interactive online English Language Game (ESL) to learn and practice basic situations for using the Prepositions "at", "in", and "to".
The best way to learn a Grammar item is to do it little by little, ALOUD, with short sentences that you can remember.
He gets off at Union Square. (place: at subway or bus station)
My last class is at five. (point of time)
Are you in New York? (place: a city)
I think, in about 45 minutes. (amount of time in the future)
I normally add 15 to 20%. (range of amount)
It's not open to visitors. (idiom: open to "persons")
Once you've practiced these sentences, try using sentences like it in your conversations. 

Posted 16:55PM on October 13 2019 by Ulrike Rettig
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