Spanish Language Game: Su prima joven

Spanish Language Game "Su prima joven" (His young cousin) 
Play this quick online Spanish game and learn and practice 14 Spanish words and phrases in the form of a mini-story.
David stays a few days in Barcelona at his aunt and uncle's place and spends time with his cousin María.
This brief episode also comes up in our Spanish 1 course, which is made up of a continuous series of mini-stories that tell of David's travels in Spain.
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By repeating or anticipating the Spanish OUT LOUD, you practice your pronunciation.
Click on the Spanish sentences to hear them again.
You'll hear the story at the beginning and then again at the end. At that point, try to understand the Spanish without translating.

Words in Spanish Mini-Story Language Game

  • se queda - s/he stays [quedar]
  • por unos días mas - for a few more days
  • él pasea - he strolls [pasear]
  • por la ciudad - through the city
  • con su prima joven - with his young cousin (f)
  • él visita - he visits [visitar]
  • various museos - several museums
  • él va conociendo (a) - he gets to know
  • los amigos de María - María's friends
  • aprende mucho - s/he learns a lot [aprender]
  • sobre la historia - about the history
  • el Parque Güell - well-known park in Barcelona
  • interesa - it interests
  • specialmente - especially

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More than a Spanish Language Game

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