Italian Language Story: Il viaggio di Marco 2

Italian Language Story: In Part 2 of Marco's trip to Italy (Il viaggio di Marco 2 - Pisa), he stays with his aunt and uncle in Pisa. His cousin Valeria shows him around town. They walk to la "Torre Pendente" (the Leaning Tower), and do some shopping in Borgo Stretto, a famous shopping street. In a café they enjoy "un caffè macchiato" and "crema di mascapone".

Listen to Part 2 of Marco's journey in Italian. It contains 130 basic words and phrases, all in context.
Play the story a few times. To improve your pronunciation, repeat each sentence aloud after the speaker. By playing the story several times, you'll start listening without translating.

8 Key Verbs in Travel Story: Il viaggio di Marco 2

  • essere - to be
  • mangiare - to eat
  • bere - to drink
  • portare - to carry
  • dormire - to sleep
  • chiedere - to ask
  • scrivere - to write
  • comprare - to buy

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