Italian Language Game: Avere - Present Tense

Ouick Italian Language Game: avere (to have) - present tense.
Level: Beginner (A1)
4 minutes

Practice the present-tense forms of the irregular verb "avere" online, with this fun, interactive Italian Word Shoot language game.
Then, with Word Invaders, put together an easy sentence with each.
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Note that in Italian the pronoun is often dropped, except for emphasis or clarity.
But, in any case, with or without a pronoun, you always have to use the correct verb form.

Avere - to have

  • io ho - I have
  • tu hai - you have (familiar)
  • lui, lei ha - he, she has
  • noi abbiamo - we have
  • voi avete - you(pl) have
  • loro hanno - they have


  • il libro - the book
  • l'indirizzo - the address (m)
  • la chiave - the key
  • le fotografie - the photos

As you play the game, make sure you say the words out loud.
It's a good way to learn new vocabulary and to improve your pronunciation.
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More Than an Italian Language Game

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