Italian Language Game: Quando parte...?

Italian Language Game: Quando parte il prossimo treno? - When does the next train leave?
In this quick online game, you'll practice 13 Italian words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
Marco has just bought a ticket to take the train from Pisa to Florence.
He asks the ticket agent when the train will leave and from what track. 
The mini-story is also part of our Italian 1 course.
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Note that in Italian, the words for "I, you, he, she" etc. are often dropped, unless they are needed for clarity or emphasis.
Always say the words, phrases, and sentences OUT LOUD.
Don't translate, and try to understand as you speak! 
After you've practiced and recalled the individual words, you'll hear the mini-story again.
This time "shadow" the sentences, by saying them together with the speaker in natural speed.

Phrases in Italian Mini-Story Language Game

  • prende - s/he takes [prendere]
  • il suo biglietto - his ticket
  • poi - then
  • chiede alla biglietteria - he asks the ticket agent [chiedere]
  • quando parte il prossimo treno? - when does the next train leave?
  • il treno regionale veloce - the fast regional train
  • tra sette minuti - in seven minutes
  • alle dieci e diciotto - at ten eighteen
  • devo cambiare treno? - do I have to change trains?
  • no, non deve - no, you don't have to [dovere]
  • sa - you know (formal) [sapere]
  • da quale binario - from which track
  • dal binario tre - from track three

After playing the game, look at the words again and read them aloud.
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More Than an Italian Language Game

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