German Language Game: Wann fährt ...?




Quick German Language Game: "Wann fährt der Intercity?" - (When does the Intercity train leave?)

Level: A1 (Beginner)
Playing Time: 3 1/2 minutes

With this quick online German game, you'll learn and practice 4 sentences (10 words).
It's basic vocabulary that'll help you navigate the train system in a German-speaking country, especially if you're outside of a larger city.

Say the words and phrases OUT LOUD, after or together with the speaker.
It's a great way to improve your pronunciation and to internalize grammar without thinking about it.
For example: irregular present tense of a verb.
The verb "fahren" - to go (by vehicle), takes an umlaut in the third person singular: "ich fahre" but "er fährt".

Play the present tense of the German irregular verb "fahren" (to go by vehicle).
Play the present tense of the German modal verb "müssen" (must, to have to).

Words in German Language Game

  • Wann fährt ...?  - When does ... leave?
  • der nächste Intercity - the next Intercity (train)
  • In sieben Minuten - In seven minutes
  • um zehn Uhr achtzehn - at 10:18 [a.m.]
  • Muss ich umsteigen? - Do I have to change trains? [müssen]
  • Nein, der Intercity fährt direkt. - No, the Intercity goes direct.

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More Than a German Language Game

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