German Language Game: Müssen - Present Tense

Quick German Language Game:  müssen (to have to, must)
Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 4 minutes

A fun interactive language Word Shoot game to learn and practice the present tense forms of "müssen" (must, to have to).

Then, with Word Invaders, put together simple sentences using the vocabulary below.

Remember to say the German out loud!

Müssen - Present Tense

Note: the change in the stem vowel: singular "u", plural & formal "ü".

• ich muss - I have to, must
• du musst - you have to, must (familiar)
• er/sie/es muss - he/she/it has to, must
• wir müssen - we have to, must
• ihr müsst - you-all have to, must
• sie/Sie müssen - they/you (formal) have to, must

** Formal you - "Sie" - is singular and plural, and always capitalized.


• warten - to wait
• finden - to find
• anrufen - to call
• umsteigen - to change (trains, etc.)
• jetzt - now
• bald - soon
• morgen - tomorrow
• das Büro - the office
• das Buch - the book

German Word Order

Note the German word order in sentences with a modal verb (for example, with "müssen").
• Du musst mich morgen anrufen.
• You have to call me tomorrow.

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