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Italian Language Game: Vieni con me?

Italian Language Game: "Vieni con me?" - Are you coming with me? With this quick game you learn and practice 18 everyday Italian words and phrases as part of a brief story.
Our games and courses are for mid- to high beginners.
In the mini-story, Marco and his cousin Valeria go to Borgo Stretto, a famous shopping street in Pisa.
This episode is also in our Italian 1 course, which is made up of a series of mini-stories. The full course teaches you 750 basic words and phrases. (Play the course for FREE by registering HERE.)

Say the words and phrases OUT LOUD to match your pronunciation to that of the native speaker. This will improve your spoken Italian and your listening comprehension skills.
Note: In Italian, the words for "I, you, we" etc. are often dropped, except when they are needed for emphasis or clarity. 

Words in Italian Mini-Story Language Game

  • vieni - you come (fam.) [venire]
  • con me - with me
  • dove? - where?
  • devo - I have to [dovere]
  • comprare - to buy
  • qualcosa - something
  • Borgo Stretto - shopping street in Pisa
  • cosa è? - what is it?
  • la strada - the street 
  • i migliori negozi - the best shops
  • della città - of the city
  • forte - cool
  • vengo - I come [venire]
  • con te - with you (fam.)
  • hai bisogno (di) - you need (fam.)
  • anche tu - you too, you also (fam.)
  • ho bisogno (di) - I need
  • una guida turistica - a tourist guide

Learning words in the context of a mini-story will help you remember them.
At this stage, don't worry about grammar rules. In time, you'll begin to notice language patterns that are typical for Italian. You'll build on those when you listen and read Italian more frequently.

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More Than an Italian Language Game

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Posted 18:29PM on July 27 2018 by Ulrike Rettig
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