Italian Language Game: Italian Articles

Italian Language Game: Articles. Italian has a number of definite and indefinite articles. 
Articles differ with gender and in some cases are determined by the starting letter of the word that follows the article. 
Confidence with the use of Italian articles surely puts you on the road to fluency.
In this Italian Article game, you'll learn the basic rules and practice to apply them. 
In the Blog post, How to be Definite With Italian Articles, we explain the rules with various examples, some of which are also used in this Quick Italian Language Game.

Here are additional words to practice with:

Masculine Nouns

  • il conto the check, bill
  • l'aereo - the airplane
  • l'albergo - the hotel
  • un anno - a year
  • lo zio - the uncle
  • i genitori - the parents
  • i negozi - the shops
  • i saluti - the greetings
  • gli anni - the years
  • gli artisti - the artists

Feminine Nouns

  • la bocca - the mouth
  • la valigia - the suitcase
  • l'attrice - the actress
  • le navi - the ships

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More Than an Italian Language Game

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