Italian Language Game: Vocabulary Quiz #5

In this Italian Language Game: Italian Vocabulary Quiz #5, you can playfully test your knowledge of basic Italian.
You'll learn new words and phrases as you play.
All FREE and no need to register for all our Italian Language Learning Games!
The Snap Clouds game tests adjectives and adverbs.
Shootout matches article to nouns.
Word Hero tests verbs.
With Word Invaders you put together short sentences.
Quiz #5 uses many of the words used in Level 5 of the Italian 1 course.
In the 6 Scenes of Level 5 Marco visits Venice. He first gets help taking a Vaporetto, then checks into a hotel, visits San Marco and also meets Claudia, a young woman he had met previously in Florence.
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More Than an Italian Language Game

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Posted 09:20AM on October 19 2015 by Ulrike Rettig
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