Italian Language Game: Numbers 21 and beyond

Quick Italian Language Game: Italian numbers: 21 and beyond
Level: Elementary (A2)
Time to Play: 6 minutes

Learn and practice numbers 21 and beyond, with a fun interactive Italian numbers game that teaches numbers out of sequence.
This game is the continuation of Italian Numbers 1-20. Some of the Italian numbers from 1-20 somewhat resemble those in English, but because of the pronunciation you really have to practice them.
Memorizing 1-20 is a good start. And, once you know the round numbers 20-90 well, 21-99 should not be too difficult.
One thing to remember is that you contract the compound number slightly when the second number starts with a vowel, i.e. "uno" (one) and "otto" (eight).
So, you say "ventuno" and "ventotto" in contrast to "ventitré" or "ventinove."
This is consistent right through 99: "novantuno" and "novantotto" versus "novantatré" or "novantanove," etc.
Note also that a thousand (1000) is "mille," but a combination with thousand uses the suffix -mila: 2000 is "duemila," etc.
You'll also notice that numbers can get very long in Italian, because all parts are written together. So, 1299 - should it be written out - would be "milleduecentonovantanove."
It's all logical, though, and fun to practice the sounds. Play the game a few times until you get it!
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