Italian Language Game: Times of Day

Italian Language Game: Times of Day.  Learn and practice 8 terms for the times of day.
Knowing the times of the day will be very useful, when you are making appointments with friends or acquaintances, asking for bus or train schedules, etc.
They also happen often in conversations, so you want to practice listening and pronouncing them.
I remember that during our 5 month stay in Rome, Italy, I had a hard time remembering the Italian word for "the afternoon".
Now it is one of the Italian words that I'll always remember!

  • il giorno - the day
  • la mattina - the morning
  • il mezzogiorno - the midday, noon
  • il pomeriggio - the afternoon
  • la sera - the evening
  • la notte - the night
  • domani - tomorrow
  • ieri - yesterday

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More Than an Italian Language Game

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Posted 20:25PM on December 27 2014 by Ulrike Rettig
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