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German Language Game: Word Hero 2

Word Hero - Test 2 - GamesforLanguage.com

German Language Game: "Word Hero" Test 2: 10 Nouns.
As you play repeat the words out loud and try to anticipate the answers.
You'll your improve your pronunciation and build your vocabulary.
One way to remember the correct article is to say it together with the noun several times and recall it from time to time. That way you'll learn which one "sounds right".
That how we know when something is right in our own language.

  • der Tag - the day
  • der Tisch - the table
  • der Kaffee - the coffee
  • der Spaß - the fun
  • die Wohnung - the apartment
  • die Küche - the kitchen
  • die Tür - the door
  • das Zimmer - the room
  • das Mittagessen - the lunch
  • das Bild - the picture

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Posted 07:19AM on August 31 2014 by Ulrike Rettig
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