French Language Game: Vouloir - Present Tense

Quick French Language Game: "vouloir" (to want) - present tense
Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time:
4 minutes

Play this fun online game to learn and practice the present tense of the verb "vouloir".
First, play the forms of "vouloir" with Shootout, then put together easy sentences with Word Invaders.
Always say the French OUT LOUD right after or along with the speaker. It's the best way to sharpen your pronunciation.
Before starting, look through the forms and sentences below.
This game is for Beginners. Play on a Computer or Tablet.

Present Tense of "vouloir"

• je veux - I want
• tu veux - you want (familiar)
• il/elle veut - he/she wants
• nous voulons - we want
• vous voulez - want (sing. formal & plural)
• ils/elles veulent - they want (m/f)

Vocabulary to Combine

• faire une promenade - to take a walk
• voir un film - to see a film
• un jus de pomme - an apple juice

Sentences with "vouloir"

Ils veulent faire une promenade. - They want to take a walk.
Je veux voir un film. - I want to see a film.
Veux-tu un jus de pomme ? - Do you want an apple juice? (fam.)
Elle veut faire une promenade. - She wants to take a walk.
Nous voulons voir un film. - We want to see a film.
Voulez-vous un jus de pomme ? - Do you want an apple juice? (sing. formal)

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