German Language Game: vorhaben

Quick German Language Game: "vorhaben."
Note: the prefix "vor-" is separable. So, in simple sentences, "vor" goes to the end.

  • haben - to have
  • vorhaben - to have in mind, to plan
  • Ich habe etwas vor. - I am planning something.
  • Hast du etwas vor? - Are you planning something?

Learn and practice using "vorhaben" in context.

Words in German Language Game

  • etwas - something
  • Ich habe etwas vor. - I'm planning something.
  • was? - what?
  • Was hast du vor? - What are you planning (to do)?
  • denn - then, filler in colloquial speech
  • Was hast du denn vor? - What are you planning then? 
  • ich fliege - I fly, I'm flying
  • nach Deutschland - to Germany
  • Ich habe es vor. - I'm planning (to do) it.
  • bestimmt - definitely
  • Ich habe es bestimmt vor. - I'm definitely planning it.

The key is say the German OUT LOUD after the speaker.
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