Spanish Language Game: Un billete por favor

Spanish Language Game "Un billete por favor" (One ticket please) 
Play this quick online Spanish game and learn and practice 12 Spanish words and phrases in the form of a mini-story.
At the train station in Barcelona, David buys at train ticket to Granada. 
This brief episode is also part of our Spanish 1 course, which is made up of mini-stories that tell of David's travels in Spain.
In the Spanish 1 course you learn and practice 750 basic words. (The full course is available for FREE by registering HERE.)
Improve your pronunciation by always saying the Spanish OUT LOUD after the speaker.
Click on the Spanish sentences to hear them again.
You'll hear the story at the beginning, and then again at the end. As much as you can, try to understand the Spanish without translating.
Once you're outside of the big cities in Spain, it's very useful to know how to buy a ticket in Spanish. 

Words in Spanish Mini-Story Language Game

  • miércoles - Wednesday
  • la tía - the aunt
  • ella lleva a David - she takes David
  • a la estación de tren - to the train station
  • en la ventanilla de billetes - at the ticket window
  • él dice - he says [decir]
  • un billete de clase turista - a tourist class ticket
  • ¿Ida o ida y vuelta? - One-way or return?
  • sesenta y dos - sixty-two/ 62
  • setenta - seventy/ 70
  • su vuelta - your change (money)
  • de ocho euros - of eight euros 

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More than a Spanish Language Game

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