French Language Game: Tutoyer - Using "tu"

Quick French Language Game: Tutoyer - Using "tu"
A quick online game where students first use "vous" and then "tu".
Daniel meets Mathilde and her sister Virginie. He politely starts out using the formal "vous" when he's introduced to Mathilde. But Virginie tells him that he's being much too formal.
Shadow the French OUT LOUD after the speaker! You'll improve your pronunciation.
There are a couple of very useful phrases in this conversation. Practice them until they become automatic.
You can clicking on the French sentence to have it repeated.
Our games work best for mid-to-high Beginners who want to learn and review conversational French.
Play on a Computer or Tablet.

Using "tu" or "vous

"Tu" is the singular familiar word for "you".
Use it with family, children, good friends, classmates, some colleagues.
Using "tu" suggests that you know each other well, are the same age, have equal status, etc.

"Vous" is the singular formal word for "you", as well the plural for "you", familiar or formal.
Use it with older people, in business and professional situations, with strangers.
Using "vous" shows respect and/or distance, and should be used when in doubt.

Phrases in French Language Game

  • bonjour - hello
  • enchanté(e) - delighted (m/f)
  • la connaissance - the acquaintance
  • Enchanté de faire votre connaissance - Delighted to meet you. (formal)
  • ne sois pas - don't be ... (fam.) [être]
  • si formel - so formal
  • tutoyer - to use the familiar "tu" with sb.
  • vous - you (sing. formal and/or plural form/fam)
  • vous pouvez vous tutoyer - you can use "tu" with each other
  • déranger - to bother, upset
  • Ça ne te dérange pas? - You don't mind? (fam.)
  • Bien sûr. - Of course.
  • Bien sûr que non. - Of course not.
  • entre étudiants - among students
  • nous - we, us, to ourselves/each other
  • nous nous tutoyons toujours - we always use "tu" with each other

Ne sois pas

Note: Here, "Ne sois pas ... !" (Don't be ...!) is an imperative form of "être".
(tu) sois ! - be!
(nous) soyons ! - let's be!
(vous) soyez ! - be!

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