French Language Game: Avoir - Present Tense

Quick French Language Game: avoir (to have) - present tense
Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing time:
5 minutes

Play a quick French language game to learn and practice the present tense of "avoir". You'll also put together basic sentences and learn the meaning of 5 common idiomatic expressions.

To improve your pronunciation, always say the French OUT LOUD right after or at the same time as the speaker.
Before you start, you may want to look at the verb forms and sentences below.

These games are a great way to learn and review basic conversational French.
Play on a Computer or Tablet.

Present Tense of "avoir"

  • j'ai - I have
  • tu as - you have (familiar)
  • il/elle a - it/he/she has
  • nous avons - we have
  • vous avez - you have (formal/plural)
  • ils/elles ont - they have (m/f)

Sentences and Expressions using "avoir"

  • Tu as ton passeport ? - Do you have your passport? (familiar)
  • Nous avons ton adresse. - We have your(fam.) address.
  • Il a le mot de passe. - He has the password.
  • Oui, j'ai un portable. - Yes, I have a cell phone.
  • Ils ont la clé. - They have the key.
  • Avez-vous une carte de crédit ? - Do you have a credit card? (formal)

  • J'ai vraiment faim. - I'm really hungry.
  • J'ai besoin d'un mot de passe ? - Do I need a password?
  • Ça a l'air bon. - That looks good.
  • il y a - ... ago
  • Il ya a plus de deux ans. - More than two years ago.
  • il y a - there are
  • Une "place" est un lieu où il y a souvent de marchés. - A square is a place where there often are markets.

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