French Language Game: Moi aussi

Quick French Language Game: "Moi aussi" - Me too.
Learn and practice 18 easy French words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
The setting is the Baggage Claim at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.
Daniel runs into the woman who was sitting beside him on the airplane.
This mini-story is also part of our French 1 course.
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Say the words and phrases ALOUD. This will help your pronunciation and listening skills to really improve a lot!

Words in French Mini-Story Language Game

  • est-ce que - question phrase (turns statement into a yes-no question)
  • quelqu'un - someone
  • elle vient - she comes [venir]
  • vous - you (formal, subject &object)
  • vous chercher - to look for you; to get, pick you up
  • la tante - the aunt
  • me chercher - to look for me; to get, pick me up
  • où - where
  • elle habite - she lives [habiter]
  • à Paris - in Paris [à + city = in X]
  • rue Lafayette - (on) Lafayette Street ["on" is understood in French]
  • Quelle coïncidence! - What a coincidence!
  • moi aussi - me too, I also
  • j'habite - I live [habiter]
  • voilà - here is, there is
  • la valise - the suitcase
  • au revoir - goodbye
  • alors - then, in that case

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