Italian Language Game: Potere Dovere Volere

This Quick Italian Language Game plays with the Italian Modal Verbs: Potere, Dovere, Volere.

Level: Elementary (A2)
Time to Play: 4 minutes
Review the present tense forms of the Italian helping verbs: "potere" (to be able, can); "dovere" (to have to, must), "volere" (to want).

Modal Verbs are used frequently in everyday Italian conversations. Since Italian modals are irregular, it takes practice to master them.
Note that the words for "I, you, we, they" are often dropped in Italian, unless they are needed for clarity or emphasis.

Not only do you want to recognize them when you read and write them in Italian, you need to get the sounds right. To do that, you have to hear them and say them. So, repeat out loud after the native speaker.

Potere (can, be able) - Present Tense

  • io posso - I can
  • tu puoi - you can (familiar)
  • lui, lei, Lei può - he, she is able/can; you (formal) are able/can
  • noi possiamo - we can
  • voi potete - you can (plural)
  • loro, Loro  possono - they, you (pl. formal) can

Dovere (have to, must):

  • io devo/io debbo - I have to, must
  • tu devi - you have to, must
  • lui, lei, Lei deve - he, she has to/must; you (formal) have to/must
  • noi dobbiamo - we have to, must
  • voi dovete - you have to, must
  • loro, Loro - they, you (pl. formal) have to, must

Volere (to want) - Present Tense 

  • io voglio - I want
  • tu vuoi - you want (familiar)
  • lui, lei, Lei vuole - he, she wants; you (formal) want
  • noi vogliamo - we want
  • voi volete - you want (plural)
  • loro, Loro vogliono - they, you (pl. formal) want

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