French Language Story Game 4

French Language Story: Le voyage de Daniel 4.

In the fourth part of Daniel's trip to France, he spends a few days in Aix-en-Provence with his friends Pierre and Virginie. (Image of Aix-en-Provence by Linh Nguyen on unsplash)
Hear and read Part 4 of Daniel's trip in French.
It contains 140 basic words and phrases, which you hear and read in context.
With this story, you can test your Level of audio comprehension of French: If you understand most of the story, you are plus or minus on the Level of Threshhold or Intermediate, i.e. B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You can check a Table on Wikipedia with the Levels here.
Once you've listened to the story and know the meaning of the words, play it again a few times. Don't translate in your head, just follow the meaning as best as you can.
To improve your pronunciation, repeat each sentence along with or right after the native speaker.

10 Key Verbs in the Travel Story

  • voir - to see
  • ouvrir - to open
  • entrer - to go in
  • revoir - to see again
  • tutoyer - to say "tu" (informal "you")
  • penser - to think
  • commander - to order (at a restaurant)
  • travailler - to work
  • savoir - to know (a fact, etc.)
  • marcher - to go, walk

You can see the English translation by rolling over a sentence on a Desk- or Laptop (but not on a Phone or Tablet). You can also look at the translation below to get familiar with the meaning of the sentences.

To practice and recall the individual words and phrases of the story, register or log in and go to French 1, Daniel en France.

Translation of the Story

[Daniel has arrived in Aix-en-Provence. He has the address of Pierre, a French friend he met in Boston two years before, and goes to his apartment. Pierre's girlfriend Virginie opens the door.]
Narrator: Daniel finds 52 Mazarine Street.
Narrator: Virginie opens the door.
Narrator: She greets him:
Virginie: Hello Daniel, glad to finally meet you.
Daniel: Me too.
Virginie: Pierre told me a lot about you.
Daniel: Good things I hope!
Narrator: Daniel comes into the apartment.
Narrator: He sees another young woman.
Virginie: Mathilde, let me introduce Daniel to you, a friend of Pierre's from Boston.
Narrator: Then she says to Daniel:
Virginie: My sister Mathilde is visiting me.
Daniel: Hello Mathilde, delighted to meet you.
Virginie: Daniel, don't be so formal. You can say "tu" to each other!
Daniel: You don’t mind, Mathilde?
Mathilde: Of course not.
Narrator: She continues:
Mathilde: Among students we always say "tu."
Daniel: You are doing your studies in Aix-en-Provence?
Mathilde: No, I go to the university of Avignon.
Daniel: And me, I’m going to Avignon the day after tomorrow!
Mathilde: I'm going back Sunday.
Daniel: Perhaps we could see each other there.
Mathilde: Sure, but tomorrow I'd like to visit Aix-en-Provence.
Daniel: Me too, can I come with you?
Mathilde: Of course.
Narrator: A little later Pierre comes home.
Pierre: Hi Daniel, I'm glad that you're visiting us.
Daniel: Me too, I'm pleased to see you again.
Virginie: When were you exactly in Boston, Pierre?
Pierre: More than two years ago.
Daniel: Yes, we had a lot of fun at that time.
Narrator: Then Virginie says:
Virginie: We should think about lunch now.
Pierre: I can order a pizza.
Virginie: Good idea, I can make a salad.
Narrator: The next day is a Thursday.
Narrator: Daniel walks with Virginie and Mathilde in the old town.
Narrator: Virginie points to a café.
Virginie: The painter Paul Cézanne went often to the Café Clément.
Daniel: I believe that one can visit his studio here in Aix-en-Provence.
Virginie: Yes, and here is the bank where he worked until 1862.
Daniel: The bank? Paul Cézanne was a banker?
Narrator: Virginie explains:
Virginie: Yes he worked in his father’s bank before painting.
Daniel: Oh OK, I didn't know that!
Virginie: Paul Cezanne liked to live in Aix-en-Provence.
Narrator: They walk in the old town.
Narrator: Daniel admires the numerous old houses.
Narrator: On Cathedral Square, Virginie says
Virginie: The Saint Sauveur Cathedral is very ancient.
Daniel: When was it built?
Virginie: The bell tower was erected in 1323.
Daniel: America was discovered more than a hundred years later.
Virginie: We are proud of our cathedral!
Daniel: Are we going to see the Cours Mirabeau?
Virginie: Yes, it's the liveliest neighborhood of Aix-en-Provence.