German Language Game: Keine Schule

German Language Game
: "Keine Schule" (No school).
Learn and practice 16 basic German words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
Our games are for Mid to High Beginners who are ready to go to the next level.
The context: On a Saturday, Michael and his cousin Julia are walking through the old part of Frankfurt where Julia shows him the famous "Römerberg".

This brief episode is also in our German 1 course, a series of mini-stories about Michael's travels in Germany. In the course, you learn and practice 750 basic everyday words.
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As you play, say the words, phrases and sentences OUT LOUD.
It's a good way to improve your conversational German and practice your pronunciation.

Words in German Mini-Story Language Game

  • der nächste Tag - the next day
  • der Samstag - the Saturday
  • sie hat - she has [haben]
  • die Schule - the school
  • keine Schule - no school
  • sie will - she wants [wollen]
  • zeigen - to show
  • sie gehen - they walk, go [gehen]
  • über den Römerberg - across the Römerberg
  • er heißt - his/its (m) name is
  • der Marktplatz - the market square
  • das Gebäude - the building
  • dort drüben - over there
  • das Rathaus - the city hall
  • wirklich - really
  • schön - beautiful

When you learn new words in the context of a simple story, you'll remember them better.
And, writing out words by hand and saying them out loud helps you learn the spelling along with the meaning and the pronunciation.
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More Than a German Language Game

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