German Language Game: "kein" vs. "nicht"

Quick German Language Game: "kein" vs "nicht".
Learn and practice how to use the German negatives "kein" and "nicht" with a fun interactive online game.
For English speakers knowing when to us "kein" vs. "nicht" is often tricky as both translate usually as "no" or "not" in English.
"Kein" is used with nouns as in: "Du hast keine Freunde." (You have no friends.), while "nicht" is used with verbs as in "Ich schlafe nicht gut." (I don't sleep well.), but "Ich bin kein guter Schläfer." (I'm not a good sleeper.)
There are situations were both works, but with slightly different meanings as in:
"Ich spreche kein Deutsch." (I don't speak German.) vs "Ich spreche nicht deutsch." (I don't speak German, e.g. at the moment.)
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