Italian Language Game: Day Week Month Year

Play Italian Language Game: Day Week Month Year. A fun interactive vocabulary game to practice some basics: the singular and plural of these masculine and feminine nouns. (Photo by Juliana Malta on

The somewhat tricky part for English speakers is that the definite article "the" has several singular and plural forms in Italian. Using a game to practice these four nouns is a good start to internalizing the forms and their sounds.

Learning just the rules of a language pattern is sometimes too abstract and overwhelming. Practicing the sounds of specific examples, helps to create automatic responses. For example, you learn and then know that "il giorno - i giorni" is the regular masculine pattern for nouns starting with a consonant (with the exceptions noted below in the "Summary of Italian Articles").

So, when you encounter other masculine nouns starting with a consonant*, you automatically know what the pattern is: "il ragazzo - i ragazzi" (the boy - the boys), "il fratello - i fratelli" (the brother - the brothers), "il campo - i campi" (the field - the fields), etc. etc. (*However, please note the exceptions below which use "lo" and "gli" instead of "il" and "i"!)

Day Week Month Year

As you play, say the words OUT LOUD and imitate the speaker.

  • il giorno - the day (m)
  • i giorni - the days (m)
  • il mese - the month (m)
  • i mesi - the months (m)
  • la settimana - the week (f)
  • le settimane - the weeks (f)
  • l'anno - the year (m)
  • gli anni - the years (m)

Summary of Italian Definite Articles

il   -for masculine singular nouns starting with a consonant
l'   -for masculine singular nouns starting with a vowel
lo  -for masculine singular nouns starting with s+consonant, z, y, gn, ps, pn
-for masculine plural nouns starting with a consonant
gli -for masculine plural nouns starting with a vowel, s+consonant, x, z, y, gn, ps, pn

la  -for feminine singular nouns starting with a consonant
l'   -for feminine singular nouns starting with a vowel
le  -for feminine plural nouns starting with a vowel or a consonant

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Italian Language Game: A mezzogiorno

Italian Language Game: "A mezzogiorno" - At noon.
Learn and practice 13 Italian words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
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Say the words and phrases OUT LOUD after the native speaker. It will help improve your pronunciation and your listening skills.
Note that in Italian, the words for "I, you, he, she" etc. are often dropped, unless they are needed for clarity or emphasis. In our mini-story, the context will tell you if "gli mostra" means "she shows him" or "he shows him."
After you've practiced and recalled the individual words, you'll hear the mini-story again.
Listen and say the sentences along with the speaker. Try not to translate!

Words in Italian Mini-Story Language Game

  • beve - s/he drinks [bere]
  • il succo di arancia - the orange juice
  • in cucina - in the kitchen
  • un po' più tardi - a little later
  • sua cugina - his cousin (f)
  • gli mostra - s/he shows him [mostrare]
  • la sua camera - his room
  • è stanco - he's tired
  • e dorme un po' - and s/he sleeps a little [dormire]
  • lo sveglia - s/he wakes him [svegliare]
  • a mezzogiorno - at noon
  • sveglia! - wake up! (familiar)
  • è ora di pranzo - it's lunch time

To better remember words and phrases, review them visually, or even write them out on a sheet of paper or on small index cards.
But most importantly, always say the Italian OUT LOUD, several times if you can.
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More Than an Italian Language Game

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