Italian Language Game: 8 Basic Phrases

An interactive Italian Language Game to learn and practice the Italian Language: 8 Basic Phrases.

  • Cosa è? - What is it?
  • Non sono sicuro. - I'm not sure.
  • Mi dispiace. - I'm sorry.
  • Nessun problema! - No problem!
  • Che bello! - How lovely!, Cool!
  • Sembra delizioso. - It seems delicious. 
  • Offro io. - It's my treat.
  • Molte grazie. - Many thanks.

Do you know how to ask a waiter in Italian "What is it?" when a menu item is unfamiliar to you?
These basic phrases will be very useful to you. Learn to read them, to understand when you hear them, and to say them.
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More than an Italian Language Game

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