German Language Game: Prefix "mit-"

German Quick Language Game:
 Prefix "mit-."
Play this quick game to learn how separable prefixes work in German.
The prefix "mit-" is separable.
So, in simple sentences, "mit-" goes at the end.
The prefix "mit-" combines with verbs such as: "kommen", "bringen", "nehmen".

The verbs "mitkommen", "mitbringen", "mitnehmen" are separable-prefix verbs, as in the sentences:

  • Ich nehme es gern mit. (I'm happy to take it along.)
  • Darf ich mitkommen? (May I come along?)
  • Ich bringe auch ein paar Freunde mit. (I'm also bringing a couple of friends along.)

Learn to use these verbs in context with our fun, interactive "Word Invader" game.
The key is say the German OUT LOUD after the speaker.
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