German Language Game: Numbers 21 and beyond

Quick German Language Game: Numbers 21 and beyond.
Learn & practice with a fun interactive game that teaches numbers out of sequence.
It's the continuation of the German Quick Language Game: German Numbers 1-20.
Have you ever misunderstood when someone told you a phone number or a price in German?
Mastering German numbers is crucial for daily life in a German environment.
German numbers resemble those in English, but the two-digit numbers 21-99 can be confusing, because in German the second digit comes first.
For example: twenty-one (21) is "einundzwanzig" (one-and-twenty) in German.
If you'd like to know more about the German numbering system, click on Our Blog post: 1-2-3-German Numbers Are Easy - Just Know the Basics.

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More Than a German Language Game

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