German Language Game: Dative Pronouns

Quick German Language Game: Dative Pronouns

Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing Time: 4 minutes

Here you can play a quick and fun German Language Game to learn and practice German Dative Pronouns:
• mir (to me)
• dir (to you, familiar)
• ihm (to him)
• ihr (to her)
• uns (to us)
• euch (to you-all)
• ihnen /Ihnen (to them /to you, formal)

1. Review the dative pronouns with the Shootout Game.
2. Recall basic nouns with the Memory Game.
3. Put together simple sentences using dative pronouns with the Word Invader Game.
4. Choose the translation of sentences with the Deal No Deal Game.

If you feel that you have a good understanding of the Dative pronouns and want to test your German vocabulary, just play the game. Otherwise, read on and then play.


der Schlüssel - the key (m)
der Stadtplan - the city map (m)
Note: These masculine nouns will come up as direct objects (accusative case):
den Schlüssel, den Stadtplan

die Handynummer - the cell phone number (f)
die Adresse - the address (f)
die Zeitung - the newspaper (f)
die Wohnung - the apartment (f)
Note: Feminine nouns have the same article as subjects and direct objects: "die X."

das Buch - the book (n)
das Foto - the photo (n)
Note: Neuter nouns have the same article as subjects and direct objects: "das X."


geben - to give
[ich gebe, du gibst, er/sie gibt, wir geben, ihr gebt, sie/Sie geben]

zeigen - to show
[ich zeige, du zeigst, er/sie zeigt, wir zeigen, ihr zeigt, sie/Sie zeigen]

Other Key Vocabulary

Kann ich ... geben?  - Can I ... give? [können]
Geben Sie doch ... - Do give ... [imperative, formal]
warum - why
sie wollen - they want [wollen]
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