German Language Game: Present Perfect 1

German Language Game
: Present Perfect Tense.
Learn and practice the basics of the German Present Perfect Tense, which is also called the "Conversational Past."
This tense is commonly used in casual conversations when talking about the past.
In English, on the other hand, you would often use the simple past for the same situations.

The German Present Perfect Tense uses the auxiliary verbs "haben" and "sein". 
In this short interactive game, you'll learn to conjugate and use "haben" with 4 common verbs.
Here's "haben": 

  • ich habe -  I have
  • du hast - you have (fam.)
  • er, sie, es hat - he, she, it has
  • wir haben - we have
  • ihr habt - you-all have
  • sie/Sie haben - they/you (form.) have

You'll combine "haben" with the 4 following verbs:

  • sagen - to say, tell
  • kaufen - to buy
  • lesen - to read
  • lernen - to learn

A sample conjugation: 

  • ich habe gesagt - I said
  • du hast gesagt - you said
  • er, sie, es hat gesagt - he, she, it said
  • wir haben gesagt - we said
  • ihr habt gesagt - you-all said
  • sie/Sie haben gesagt - they/you (form.) said

German, does have a Simple Past Tense.
The Simple Past is generally used to narrate past events, and thus is often called the "Narrative Past." In addition, the Simple Past is used in written German.