German Language Game: Quiz 4 Cities

Quick German Language Game: Quiz 4 Cities

Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing Time: 3 1/2 minutes

Fun facts about 4 German cities. Can you guess? Try this Quick Quiz-as-a-Game.

You may know that a "Römer" is a man from Rome, but do you know the other meaning?
And do you know in which city Mark Twain's "Tramp Abroad" is set?
Find out and practice some useful vocabulary with this German language game.
And - if you happen to visit Frankfurt - here is a map and suggested walk through the old city, which also takes you by the "Römer"...

I went to school about about 25 miles north of Frankfurt, in Bad Nauheim - quite a few years later than Franklin Roosevelt who attended school there as well for 6 weeks in the late 1890s. If you are intrigued, read Where "Bad" does not mean "bad"!

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