English Language Game: Pick the Category

Quick English Language Game: Pick the Category
Play this online interactive English Language Game (ESL) to put 8 common items into a category - and learn them.
Often we need several different clues to remember a word.
Sometimes remembering the category or affinity to a particular memory crutch helps.
(I still recall that during our 5-month stay in Rome I could not remember the Italian word for "afternoon" (pomeriggio)- and it was not for the lack of trying. What finally it stick, was the association with a French wine, "Pomerol"), a beverage I would very much enjoy in (late) afternoon!)
You will obviously have to find your own association for words that don't "stick". But here are some categories.
For example, into what category would you put the items: table, three, orange, Wednesday, nephew, hello, milk, green?
Guess and learn!
Grow your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation!

And please let us know your own experience or suggestions for remembering vocabulary. Send us a note to contact@gamesforlanguage.com