German Language Game: "duzen"

Quick German Language Game: "duzen"
The word "duzen", means using "du," the German familiar form for "you."
German has two ways of addressing another person: with the familiar "du" (duzen) and the formal "Sie" (siezen).
A general rule is that young people (children, students, etc.) use "du" with each other and use "Sie" when they address someone older than they.

In many informal situations, such as students with each other, "du" is used automatically.
In more formal situations and with any new acquaintances, adults would typically use "Sie."
This also holds for shopping, buying tickets, asking strangers for information, etc.
In this fun interactive German word game, you can learn and practice how to go from "Sie" to "du."

Learn and practice the following German words and phrases:

  • duzen - to say "du", use the familiar form of address
  • siezen - to say "Sie", use the formal form of address
  • kennen lernen - to meet, get to know
  • Freut mich, Sie kennenzulernen. - Pleased to meet you. (formal)
  • sei! - be! (imperative, familiar of "sein")
  • sei nicht so formell - don't be so formal (familiar, imperative)
  • ihr könnt - you-all can
  • ihr könnt euch duzen - you-all can say "du" to each other
  • wenn - if
  • wenn es dir recht ist - if it's all right with you (familiar)
  • natürlich - of course
  • wir Studenten - we students
  • alle - all
  • wir duzen uns - we say "du" to each other

Listen to this conversation where Michael learns that students typically say "du" to each other.
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