French Language Game: Chez nous

Quick French Language Game: "Chez nous" - At our place.
Learn and practice 14 easy French words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.

The setting is Daniel's arrival at the home of his aunt and uncle in Paris.
This French mini-story is also part of our French 1 course (which you can play for FREE by registering HERE.)
Say the French out loud. Build your vocabulary and practice your pronunciation.

Words in French Mini-Story Language Game

  • bienvenue - welcome
  • chez nous - at our home
  • je suis content (de) - I'm glad 
  • content d'être ici - glad to be here
  • faire bon voyage - to have a good trip
  • tu as fait bon voyage - you had a good trip (familiar)
  • un peu long - a little long
  • ma voisine - my neighbor (f)
  • elle était - she was [être]
  • gentille - nice (f)
  • tu aimerais - you would like [aimer]
  • quelque chose à manger - something to eat
  • peut-être - maybe, perhaps
  • plus tard - later

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More Than a French Language Game

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