French Language Game: Asking for Directions

Quick French Language Game: Asking for Directions
Learn to ask for directions in French and understand them, with this fun quick online game.
As you play, say the French words OUT LOUD.
It takes a little practice to master the French sounds!
These phrases are very helpful when you get lost, as it happens to Daniel, our Games for Language traveler, and you can listen to a short dialogue here.

Phrases in French Language Game

Excusez-moi - Excuse me
je cherche - I am looking for [chercher]
la rue Lafayette - (the) Lafayette Street
you follow this street - vous suivez cette rue [suivre]
à gauche - to the left
à droite - to the right
tout droit - straight ahead
oui, je vois - yes, I see
merci beaucoup - thanks a lot
de rien - you're welcome
au revoir - goodbye 

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More Than a French Language Game

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