French Language Game: Je cherche...

Quick French language Game: Je cherche... - I'm looking for...
Play this quick online game to learn and practice 17 useful French phrases as part of a mini-story.
Daniel is looking for his friend's place in Aix-en-Provence.
He asks a passerby how to get to the street his friend lives on.
Say the French OUT LOUD after the speaker! It's a great way to improve your pronunciation!
You may know already the meaning of the words, but saying them fluently in a full sentence takes some practice.
This you can do by clicking on the French sentence as often as you want, and by imitating the intonation speaker.
A trick I really like is to say the phrase or sentence along with the speaker, in a sense "shadowing" the sounds.
Our games are for mid-to-high Beginners who want to learn and review conversational French. 

Phrases in French Language Game

  • elle explique - she explains [expliquer]
  • comment se rendre à - how to get to (a place)
  • à leur appartement - to their apartment
  • il ne peut pas - he can't [pouvoir]
  • trouver - to find
  • il demande à  - to ask (a person) [demander]
  • une passante - a passerby (f)
  • excusez-moi - excuse me (formal)
  • je cherche - I'm looking for [chercher]
  • la rue n'est pas loin - the street isn't far
  • vous suivez - you follow (form.) [suivre]
  • à gauche - to the left
  • puis tout droit - then straight ahead
  • et à droite - and to the right
  • sur la rue Mazarine - onto Mazarine Street
  • C'est très simple. - That's very easy.
  • Merci beaucoup. - Thank you very much.

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