Italian Language Game: Volere - Present Tense

Italian Language Game: volere (want) - present tense.
Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time:
3 1/2 minutes

Play this fun Italian Word Shoot game and learn the present-tense forms of the irregular verb "volere".
Then, with Word Invaders, put together an easy sentence with each.

Note that in Italian subject pronouns often dropped, except for emphasis or clarity.
But, with or without a pronoun, you always have to use the correct verb form.

Note also:
"you want" formal (singular): Lei vuole

Volere - want

  • io voglio - I want
  • tu vuoi - you want (familiar)
  • lui, lei vuole - he, she wants
  • noi vogliamo - we want
  • voi volete - you-all want
  • loro vogliono - they want


  • mangiare - to eat
  • leggere - to read
  • comprare - to buy
  • il giornale - the newspaper

Always say the words OUT LOUD as you play the game. It's the best way to practice pronunciation.

If you want to play a game to review all three Modal Verbs together, click here: Volere. Dovere. Potere.

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German Language Game: Ich heiße - My name is

German Language Game: "Ich heiße" - My name is (I'm called)

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3 minutes

Play a fun German language game to practice the conversational verb "heißen". You commonly use it to tell someone your name, or ask about someone's name.

Note that the German letter -ß- sounds like a double "s". The letter is called "esszett" or "scharfes ess", and is used after a long vowel, or a combination of two vowels, eg: "ei".

As you play, say the German OUT LOUD.

Heißen - Present Tense

• ich heiße - my name is
• du heißt - your name is (familiar)
• er/sie heißt - his/her name is
• Sie heißen - your name is (formal)
• wir heißen - our name is
• ihr heißt - your name is (plural)
• sie heißen - their name is


• der Bruder - the brother
• mein Bruder - my brother
• die Schwester - the sister
• meine Schwester - my sister
• die Freundin - the friend (f), girlfriend
• deine Freundin - your girlfriend (familiar)
• Wie heißt du? - What's your name? (familiar)
• Wie heißen Sie? - What is your name? (formal)

Note: In informal situations, you could also say: "Ich bin ..." (I am ...).
The phrase "Mein Name ist ..."(My name is ...) is generally used in written language.

More Than a German Language Game

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Italian Language Story Game 5: Venezia


Italian Language Story: Marco in Venezia

Level: Low Intermediate (B1)
Playing Time: 6 minutes

In Part 5 of Marco's trip to Italy (Il viaggio di Marco 5 - Venezia), he takes the Intercity to Venice.
There he goes by vaporetto (water taxi) to the Hotel Al Gambero.

He first explores Venice on his own, and one of the evenings, he gets together with Claudia, and some of her friends.
After dinner, they walk over to the trendy Campo Margherita for drinks.
On his last day, Claudia shows him Venice and its lagoon from up on the Bell Tower of Saint Mark's. The view is magnificent.

Listen to Part 5 of Marco's journey in Italian. It contains 125 basic words and phrases, all in context. Play the story several times. Click on individual sentences to hear them again. Repeat the Italian aloud.

Even if you don't know all the words, try to understand what is said without translating. The context will help you.

Key Verbs in Travel Story: Il viaggio di Marco 5

• consigliare - to recommend, suggest
• prenotare - to book
• aiutare - to help
• acquistare - to purchase
• dare - to give
• collegarsi - to log in, connect
• provare - to try
• affascinare - to fascinate

You can see the English translation on a desk- or laptop (but not on a phone or tablet).
To practice the individual words and phrases of the story, register or log in and go to Italian 1, Marco in Italia.

Spanish Language Game: The City - 8 Words

Quick Spanish Language Game: The City (8 Words)

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 4 minutes

Play this fun vocabulary game to learn 8 city-related words, to practice your Spanish pronunciation, and to get the right article - "el" or "la" into your brain. Remember to say the Spanish OUT LOUD.


  • la ciudad - the city
  • la torre - the tower
  • la fuente - the fountain
  • la calle - the street
  • el río - the river
  • el piso - the apartment
  • el edificio - the building
  • el parque - the park

Learning or relearning a language can be fun with simple and targeted games for language.
Every game you play builds on your Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation.

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French Language Game: Tu viens avec moi?

Quick French Language Game: Tu viens avec moi ?

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3 minutes

Play this quick Memory, Car Race, Word-Shoot game sequence, to learn and practice a short and useful 4-sentence conversation.
Each game you play adds to your knowledge of French. Have Fun!

As you play, say the French phrases OUT LOUD after or with the native speaker. It will sharpen your pronunciation.


• tu viens - you come (familiar)
• avec moi - with me
• où ça - where to?
• je dois - I have to
• acheter - to buy
• quelque chose - something
• cool - cool
• je viens - I'm coming
• avec toi - with you (familiar)

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More Than a French Language Game

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