German Language Game: Practice Pronouns

Quick German Language Game: German Pronouns

Level: Elemntary (A2)
Playing Time: 4 minutes

A quick interactive "Word Invader" German Language Game  to practice pronouns.
Review the subject, indirect object, and direct object forms:
• ich mir mich (I, to me, me)
• du dir dich (you, to you, you [familiar])
• er ihm ihn (he, to him, him)
• sie, ihr sie (she, to her, her)
• wir uns uns (we, to us, us)
• ihr euch euch (you-all, to you-all, you-all)
• sie ihnen sie (they, to them, them)
• Sie Ihnen sie (you, to you, you [formal])

Note that "uns" means both "us" and "to us" and "euch" means both "to you-all" and the direct object "you-all".


In the German Pronoun Word Invader Game, you'll put together 12 simple sentences using subject, indirect object, and direct object pronouns. Other vocabulary items in the game:
• kennen - to know
• zeigen - to show
• geben - to give
• anrufen - to call (by phone)
• suchen - to look for
• sehen - to see
• sagen - to say, tell
• wollen - to want
• die Adresse - the address
• der Schlüssel - the key
• das Foto - the photo
• die Handynummer - the cell phone number
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